Membership Has its Perks



Becoming a member of Rock Spot Climbing is more than simply joining a sweet gym. In addition to unlimited climbing, becoming a member is the opportunity to belong to a supportive community; a group of climbers consisting of members and knowledgeable staff who make our gyms feel like home. Every day we strive to create a safe environment for climbers of all ages and all abilities to learn, grow, improve and enjoy climbing.

We are always listening, and we truly value our members’ loyalty. Without our members we know that we would not be able to grow and offer new and exciting services and features. Every day we ask ourselves what we can do to serve our members even more. Thank you for considering joining the Rock Spot Climbing family.

Membership at Rock Spot Climbing also has some great perks for your wallet.

As a member of Rock Spot Climbing you are entitled to:

  • Unlimited access to all of our locations!
  • 15% off  in our retail stores (additional on packages and during special sale events)
  • Two free guest passes per month* (gear additional)
  • Discounts on all scheduled group visits
  • 10% off summer camp registration
  • Discounted entry to many competitions and events at RSC
  • Add a family member to regular memberships for $25/month
  • Reduced gear rental rate
  • Free yoga classes

 *For a brand new climber who has never visited any RSC location before.

Become a member today!