Indoor rock climbing is an amazing experience that is both fun and great exercise. People of all ages, fitness levels, and experience come to our gym every day. Rock Spot Climbing is a state of the art facility and our dedicated staff is top-notch.

Options for your first visit:

Included with any day pass or membership. Get right on the wall with this 15-minute orientation we show you how to boulder and use our auto belay systems so that you can climb on your own. Climbers under 12 will need direct adult supervision. Walk-ins welcome.

Does not include day pass and gear rental.

Learn to belay- for climbers 14 and older. Learn how to tie the knots and hold the ropes for a climber. Must have your own climber for the class, does not include day pass and gear rental.

$15 per person. Must have a partner to climb. Partner does not need to be over 14. Upon completion of the Intro to Belaying class, climbers can purchase a special introductory 1 month membership w/gear rental for only $25.


A more detailed introduction to climbing- for climbers 14 and older. This 1.5 hour instruction course starts with belay instruction, then expands with a more in-depth look at the sport and our facility. Available by prepaid appointment only. Minimum 2 participants.

$55/person for 2 people and includes 1 month membership.

Let our staff hold the ropes for you! This is a great option for families with multiple children, solo climbers, or where no one in the group is trained to belay, but the climbers want to move beyond the auto belays. Cost is $20/hr per staff, and does not include day passes or gear rental. One staff can work with up to 6 climbers at a time, each taking turns climbing the top rope walls. This is not an instruction, however our staff will offer encouragement and tips, and assist in selecting the proper wall for the climbers’ skill level. If you are interested in private technique classes for youth, please  inquire at the front desk or email youthma{at} or youthri{at}

FAQ for first timers:

Yes! Anyone who wishes to enter the climbing floor needs a waiver. Please follow this link to complete your waiver online before your first visit. Climbers under 18 will need to have a parent or legal guardian complete the waiver for them.


Walk-ins are welcome! Our most popular option is a Quick Start which gets you right on the wall and is great for all ages, all abilities. We show you how to boulder and use our auto belay systems safely so that you can climb on your own. The day pass with gear rental in an all-day climbing pass, which includes an instructional orientation. Auto belays are devices which are located on select walls (currently 10-12 per gym), and mimic top roped climbing, allowing for solo ascents.

If you would like to hire our staff to hold the ropes for you, or if you would like to take a lesson on holding the ropes (belaying), we do ask that you make a reservation to ensure availability.

Yes. Before you are allowed to belay at Rock Spot Climbing, you must pass our belay test. You do not need to make a reservation, and there is no fee for the test. You must have a partner to climb for you during the test. During the test you will be required to demonstrate confidence and competency in the following:

  • Putting on a harness
  • Tying in to climb (Figure 8 follow through  knot)
  • Setting up to belay using a tube style device and floor anchors
  • Safety commands and checks
  • Rope management, belaying in a manner which keeps the break hand on the rope at all times without switching
  • Safely catching announced and surprise falls and lowering to the ground

You must be 14 or older to belay at Rock Spot Climbing. If you are unsure of your ability, it’s been a long time, or you’ve never belayed before, you can take our beginner class and learn all of the above techniques.


In top roped climbing, a rope tied to the climber passes through an anchor at the top of the wall and back down to their partner (the belayer). As the climber moves up the wall, the belayer pulls the rope through their belay device so they can hold the climber when they let go of the wall, and slowly lower them back to the ground.

All our facilities also feature several autobelay systems on select walls that mimic top roped climbing, allowing for solo ascents.

An auto belay is a device that allows climbers to use top rope walls without a partner to belay for them. Climber’s clip into the auto belay, which goes up the wall with them as they ascend, and then slowly lowers them back to the ground when they let go. Our auto belays have undergone extensive testing, and regular maintenance to ensure a smooth, speed-controlled descent every time. All climbers may use auto belays, but climbers under 12 must have an adult clip them in and out.


Bouldering consists of generally shorter climbs that are lower to the ground and does not require ropes. Climbers can use either dedicated bouldering walls or traverse along the bottom section of rope walls. When finished using a dedicated bouldering wall, climbers may down climb, drop onto the padded flooring system, or walk down from the top. Our Boston locations feature expansive bouldering terrain with a focus on this side of the sport. All gyms feature routes of all levels of difficulty.

Many top rope climbers boulder to warm up and build their strength and climbing technique, while other climbers prefer only bouldering.


Lead climbing uses more advanced climbing and belay techniques. It begins with the ropes disconnected from all anchors. The lead climber is responsible for clipping the rope into anchors set along the wall while the lead belayer gives the rope slack to accommodate the proper anchoring. Lead climbers must pass a test to participate in lead climbing at any of our facilities.

Lessons are available, click here for more information, or contact us for an appointment.

We have many options, from day passes and lessons, to memberships and groups. We also have all the gear rental you’ll need to get climbing. To view our full menu of options, please click here.

Be sure to view the discount days and monthly special as well!

rock climbing birthday party

We LOVE birthday parties! We also host Scouts, schools, religious groups, clubs, team building, and any other type of group, young or young at heart, that you can think of. Click on an option below and complete an event request form for more information.




Team Building/Other


We welcome climbers of all ages, and all abilities at Rock Spot Climbing! For health and safety reasons, we do ask that climbers be out of diapers, and ready to accept the adventure of rock climbing. Our youth program classes begin at 4 years old, but we’ve seen many climbers under 4 have great success climbing with a parent, or one of our staff, and we have regular members (who climb hard) in their 60’s and 70’s.

While anyone may climb, climbers under 14 must have supervision of someone 17 or older at all times, except during official youth program classes or camps. Unsupervised climbers age 14-16 must sign in at the desk and leave a phone number where we can reach their parent.

Climbers under 12 will require an adult to clip them in and out of auto belays.

All climbers under 18 will need their waiver completed by a parent or legal guardian. If your child is visiting us with a friend, please complete the waiver in advance.


Dress comfortably. Pants or long shorts that allow for a free range of motion are perfect. Climbing is a workout so you will likely get warm and we recommend tank tops or t-shirts. We provide rental harnesses and climbing shoes if needed, and we suggest socks that cover the ankle to wear with the rental shoes. We do not allow climbing in sneakers or minimalist shoes (toe-style shoes), climbers must wear climbing-specific shoes.

All our facilities are open 10am-midnight 7 days a week for all ages, all abilities!